The term little Italy evokes different kinds of memories and images. A lot of Italian migrated to America in hope to find a better life. They’ve settled here, founded their families and started their business. Italians have become the part of the American culture, and they have built here a unique lifestyle. Bringing their culture, food, music, speech, you cannot imagine America without Italians. It is like some scene from the Godfather, they’ve created here clans, communities and they are determined to stick together. Across the America, you can find small communities of Italians in larger American cities.

New York City

In New York, you can find the biggest number of Italian communities and the most famous is the Little Italy. Once it was much larger, but Chinatown and NoLiTa took most of the place. The whole neighborhood now takes only four blocks. Here you will find Italian products, such as food, drinks, ceramics, a lot of restaurants and cafes. Also, here is located St, Patrick’s Old Cathedral.
One of the most popular times to visit this community is in the two last weeks of September. Thousands of people gather here to pay tribute to Patron Saint of Naples. The whole celebration is followed by the Italian food and music; even the cannoli eating contest is organized.


Italian community regarding Boston is located in the North End. From the beginning of the 18th century, Italians have flocked this part of America. Nowadays, this community is spread over two square miles. Some historicists claim that North End was the epicenter of America revolution, as well as the main stand of Italian cuisine and culture. Today, there are over 80 restaurants and cafes here. The old charm of Italy can still be noticed in here, despite modern times.


There are several Italian communities in Chicago. The most important are the ones around the Tailor street. Even though, it is not exclusive as it was before, it still offers Italian spirit. A lot of restaurants and café shops with Italian food and customs.

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